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Register with Bitcoin!

We have 10 reserved slots that can be bought only with Bitcoin! We decided to take this step because we have the choice to look at how the world is changing or that we also take a part in changing the world. Triathlon is a sport that proves that anything is possible and that constantly forces you to move personal limits, so let this race make a small contribution to all of this.

How to Pay with Bitcoin


You'll need a Bitcoin wallet in order to pay registration with Bitcoin. You can get one for free at, which is the digital wallet we use. However, you can use any wallet to pay with Bitcoin.


Price for individual entry is 0,02 BTC*

Step 1

You need to transfer 0,02 BTC to our digital wallet with QR code shown above or with deposit address: 3B1DHe7Ka1hYxCFHFEMVKr5T966BpQvDne


Contact us with your transaction ID (TXID) and we will send you link to fill up registration form


Train hard :)


*price is subject to change due to currency fluctuation