He is among you, on his triathlon bike, with the start number and in the trisuit - but he is not a triathlete, he is THE INTERCEPTOR!



On every race a large number of the triathletes is penalised for the drafting but even more of them believe that there are not enough penalties and that the referees have a problem to break the pelotons.


While you draft with the others in the peloton, do not be surprised if on of the triathletes is actually a referee. You can’t recognise him, you are not allowed to argue with him, you can only accept the penalty. He will ride in your peloton long enough to give penalty to everybody - without exception.

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Screenshot 2019-03-29 at 11.01.40.png


We will keep that until the race end, but our interceptors this year are: national under-23 road race champions, national road race champions, winner of the UCI A and winner of the UCI B World Championships. They are also winners of the many World Tours, winners of the Grand Prix and we have one stage winner from the Grand Tour!